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Digital Memories 4 u FAQ

Wedding Videography

 1. Should you videotape your wedding?
Imagine watching your parents or even grandparents as they walked down the isle. All the sights and sounds of their special day. Today's brides are realizing how special it is to relive that day in a way that only film and our DVD's can provide. One day your photos will be just as faded as your grandparents, but if your memories are captured on one of our DVD's the sounds and color will be as vivid and lifelike as the day you were married even 100 years later.

2. Why should I hire a professional to film my wedding when I can just have a friend or relative do it?

Anyone can buy the cameras and computer equipment we use - but that isn't what makes a good wedding documentary. We take pride in the work we do, and we treat it as a work of ART. Sometimes we will spend numerous hours putting together one couples video. Now, you just can't expect to give someone a paintbrush and watch them instantly become a great painter... can you? This goes the same for the style of work we do. It does not depend on the equipment we use! Besides, if you have ever watched a wedding taped by someone's relative you already know the answer. They always have the best intentions. They may have just got a new camcorder and figure "Hey! Mark and Carrie are getting married what a good time to test out the new camera!" Your wedding day shouldn't be a testing ground. If they don't have the stamina or an eye for capturing what needs to be told the results will leave you feeling disappointed.

3. What videographer is right for you?
Every Videographer has different tastes, styles and even preferred clients. Some like to make a music video out of your wedding and use the same music regardless of the content, which can look awkward. Others are there to tell a story of your wedding day and choose a simple and sophisticated approach. Don't think that all videographers are the same. Regardless of who you choose make sure you enjoy what they have to offer.

4. How are we different?
What truly makes us different is a creative eye. Many videographers are technically very good at what they do, but they don't have any artistic sense of cinematic style. We use unique, but not distracting shot cuts to bring your video out of a flat two-dimensional video into a three dimensional movie full of life and emotion. We work hard to capture the personality and creativity of each couples wedding - and we often become friends with our clients afterwards.

5- How many DVD's and Blu-Ray disks do I get?

You get 2-3 Blu-Ray HD disks and 1 - 2 DVD's for a wedding ceremony, 1 - 3 DVD's for a reception and 1 DVD for Childhood Memories Montage. We do not compress the Videos, so we can provide the highest possible quality.

6- What does the DVD menu look like?
We use professional DVD authoring tools to provide the highest quality and the most innovative design.

7- What does the decorated case look like?

We use white cases that protect your wedding DVDs and include clips where you can put the wedding invitation or the ceremony program. We decorate all the DVD's with creative design that includes the couples photo with a heart-shape or similar design and wedding bands. The outside of case is also decorated with the couple photos and full names and dates. click on the the photo to view a larger size.

8. What is our presence like at your wedding?

Our presence at your wedding is very humble. We are there to capture the moment - not the attention. We bring very compact equipment. No bright lights or long cords! This is the job of a video-journalist - and we take it very seriously because we know that the "best shots" come when people forget we are there. 9. We already have a photographer why have a video as well?
Photography is an important part of your wedding day and is traditionally the most common. Brides are quickly discovering that photography can only capture a small part of that big day and a good video is letting them relive so much they never saw before - or would have forgotten all together.

10. How do we work with photographers?
We negotiate with the photographer on different angles, but most of where we decide to shoot from is the couples preference.

11. How long are the finished videos?
You get the entire Ceremony, every second is include. For example a catholic weddings, would be 75-90 minutes or more . It really depends on the length of your ceremony and some key points of the reception.

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